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GOODLUCK® products are high quality lighting equipments, manufactured on Japanese standard technology production line – with imported materials.









    Illuminating products branded GOODLUCK® are high quality lighting equipments, manufactured on combined production line according to Japan standard technology – high quality imported materials – and professional team of engineers and technicians, skilled workers.

     After over 12 years of continuous development and innovation in manufacturing lighting equipments, we always aim at product criteria: Stable efficiency, energy security, competitive price. Especially we have the “devoted-attentive” after-sales service.

Lines of product:

- Office lighting: Grille light fixture, prismatic diffuser luminaire, super slim half curved luminaire… (suitable for building, commercial center, hotel, showroom…)

- Civil lighting: Batten luminaire, super slim fluorescent luminaire, super slim half curved luminaire… (suitable for home, school, showroom …)

- Industrial lighting: Industrial fluorescent luminaire with reflector, Highbay light, LED floodlight… (suitable for factory, warehouse, garage…)

- Outdoor lighting: square floodlight housing, roadway luminaire, LED floodlight…)

- Decorative lighting: Oyster light, crystal pendant light, cylinder CFL Downlight… (suitable for home, office, showroom, commercial center…)

- Dedicated lighting: Exit sign, emergency light, waterproof light fixture, explosion proof fixture… (suitable for building, garage, gasoline station, seafood factory…)


- Has elegant design.

- Processed on the durable-beautiful automatic powder coating technology.

- Materials are directly imported from Europe and domestic prestigious businesses.

- Steel is treated with antioxidant phosphate ionic liquid.

        With the pride on professional human resources, a team of zealous energetic young workers and 10,000m2 standard factory, we commit to always be the supplier of quality-prestigious products.


GOOD LUCK®Light for all eras